• no watering
  • no weeding
  • no digging
  • no soil-borne pests


  • reduce water use by 90%
  • no pesticides
  • no artificial fertilisers
  • no food miles
  • organic


  •  maximum growth
  • clean
  • year round production possible

Raising fish and plants in perfect harmony

Popular Fish Choices for Aquaponics

tilapia aquaponics

Tilapia Aquaponics

Tilapia aquaponics has been attracting a great deal of attention lately, and for good reason. They are second only to carp as a farmed fish across the World. Tilapia are, in fact, produced in a greater number of countries with over

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Best 5 Commercial Goldfish Diets

Goldfish are considered to be omnivores when it comes to their chosen diet. That is they are able to utilise a wide range of plant and animal material dependent upon they development, size, habitat and what is currently available. Picking

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Fish Food – what’s best?

Fish food lies at the heart of all successful fish keeping systems from a small tropical aquarium to a vast open lake. A good diet is essential if your fish are to thrive and grow and live a long and

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Water Quality Articles

Fish Ammonia – all you need to know.

A good understanding of ammonia is a great basis for getting the most out of any aquaponic system. It is a key element in ensuring healthy fish and plants. Ammonia is highly toxic and consequently needs to be removed. If

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Do fish need oxygen?

Oxygen is often described as the fuel of life and, as such, it is critical to all aquaponic systems. It is an essential ingredient of respiration , a process that releases life giving energy. Consequently it is required, not only

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Fish Tank Temperature

The water temperature of your pond, or aquarium, plays a fundamental role in determining how active fish are. This in turns will have both a direct and an indirect affect on water quality. Fish, unlike mammals and birds, are unable

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The benefits of aquaponics


Grow fish and plants together in perfect harmony. Use less water, no pesticides, little weeding and no digging!

smiling frog in wildlife pond

Wildlife Ponds

Adding a well-designed wildlife pond does more than anything to attract wildlife into your garden. Control of water quality, flow and depth is essential.