Aquaponics UK


  • no watering
  • no weeding
  • no digging
  • no soil-borne pests


  • reduce water use by 90%
  • no pesticides
  • no artificial fertilisers
  • no food miles
  • organic


  •  maximum growth
  • clean
  • year round production

Raising fish and plants in perfect harmony

Popular Fish Choices for Aquaponics

Here are just some of the more popular choices of fish for aquaponics uk.

trout aquaponics

Trout Aquaponics

Rainbow Trout – a gourmet’s cool choice If you are looking to produce a delicious fish that grows well in cool water then a trout aquaponics system should be at the top of your list. A real gourmet’s choice! The

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goldfish aquaponics

Goldfish Aquaponics

Goldfish aquaponics has much to commend it. The most popular ornamental fish on the planet, probably. Everybody loves goldfish and for many excellent reasons. Of course, goldfish are not really a good choice of fish if you want to produce

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carp make an excellent choice of fish for large aquaponic systems

Carp Aquaponics UK

Carp aquaponics involves the most widely farmed fish in the world for many excellent reasons. They should be close to the top of your list of fish when deciding what species to grow in any large aquaponic system. Unlike tilapia,

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Water Quality

Fish Ammonia – all you need to know.

A good understanding of ammonia is a great basis for getting the most out of any aquaponic system. It is a key element in ensuring healthy fish and plants. Ammonia is highly toxic and consequently needs to be removed. If

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Do fish need oxygen?

Oxygen is often described as the fuel of life and, as such, it is critical to all aquaponic systems. It is an essential ingredient of respiration , a process that releases life giving energy. Consequently it is required, not only

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Fish Tank Temperature

The water temperature of your pond, or aquarium, plays a fundamental role in determining how active fish are. This in turns will have both a direct and an indirect affect on water quality. Fish, unlike mammals and birds, are unable

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