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Aquaponics fish for everyone

One of the first, and most important, choices you will make is deciding what species of aquaponics fish you wish to keep. In theory this is almost limitless as it is possible to control just about every aspect of their environment. Water temperature and quality can be carefully controlled by the use of a variety of techniques as well as diet. From the plant performance point of view it doesn’t really matter what species you select. All freshwater aquatic animals will produce ammonia as their primary excretory product.  It is this that the bio filters will convert into the necessary plant nutrients.

tilapia aquaponics
Aquaponics Fish

Tilapia Aquaponics

Tilapia aquaponics has been attracting a great deal of attention lately, and for good reason. They are second only to carp as a farmed fish across the World. Tilapia are, in fact, produced in a greater number of countries with over

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Best 5 Commercial Goldfish Diets

Goldfish are considered to be omnivores when it comes to their chosen diet. That is they are able to utilise a wide range of plant and animal material dependent upon they development, size, habitat and what is currently available. Picking

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Fish Food – what’s best?

Fish food lies at the heart of all successful fish keeping systems from a small tropical aquarium to a vast open lake. A good diet is essential if your fish are to thrive and grow and live a long and

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Aquaponic fish tank design

An aquaponic fish tank is basically like any other pond or aquarium. The only real difference is that it is connected to an aquaponic plant growing system. Fish tank gardening involves a continuous loop that produces, and uses, the available

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carp make an excellent choice of fish for large aquaponic systems
Aquaponics Fish

Carp Aquaponics UK

Carp aquaponics involves the most widely farmed fish in the world for many excellent reasons. They should be close to the top of your list of fish when deciding what species to grow in any large aquaponic system. Unlike tilapia,

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trout aquaponics
Aquaponics Fish

Trout Aquaponics

– a gourmet’s cool choice If you are looking to produce a delicious fish that grows well in cool water then a trout aquaponics system should be at the top of your list. A real gourmet’s choice! The culture of

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