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Aquaponics fish for everyone

One of the first, and most important, choices you will make is deciding what species of aquaponics fish you wish to keep. In theory this is almost limitless as it is possible to control just about every aspect of their environment. Water temperature and quality can be carefully controlled by the use of a variety of techniques as well as diet. From the plant performance point of view it doesn’t really matter what species you select. All freshwater aquatic animals will produce ammonia as their primary excretory product.  It is this that the bio filters will convert into the necessary plant nutrients.

koi aquaponics
Aquaponics Fish

Koi Aquaponics – the benefits

Table of Contents Koi aquaponics is something that not many koi keepers have heard about. Over the years, koi have become a popular choice of fish for many with an interest in aquaponics. They thrive under conditions favoured by plants

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