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Aquaponics in the UK

Aquaponics in the UK is at an exciting development stage where new techniques and technologies are expanding horizons. Although full commercialisation is still somewhat ‘down the road’ the many the inherent advantages continue to attract a wide range of practitioners. Fish and plants enjoy a unique symbiotic relationship and both can be enjoyed for their beauty as well as their food production capability.

The benefits of aquaponics

The Benefits of Aquaponics.

Table of Contents Aquaponics is simply a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. In a nutshell, fish waste that has been generated by fish food is pumped from the fish tank to neighbouring grow beds. Plants grow exceptionally well on this

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carp make an excellent choice of fish for large aquaponic systems
Aquaponics Fish

Carp Aquaponics UK

Carp aquaponics involves the most widely farmed fish in the world for many excellent reasons. They should be close to the top of your list of fish when deciding what species to grow in any large aquaponic system. Unlike tilapia,

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trout aquaponics
Aquaponics Fish

Trout Aquaponics

– a gourmet’s cool choice If you are looking to produce a delicious fish that grows well in cool water then a trout aquaponics system should be at the top of your list. A real gourmet’s choice! The culture of

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koi aquaponics
Aquaponics Fish

Koi Aquaponics – the benefits

Table of Contents Koi aquaponics is something that not many koi keepers have heard about. Over the years, koi have become a popular choice of fish for many with an interest in aquaponics. They thrive under conditions favoured by plants

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aquaponics for schools

Aquaponics for Schools

Wouldn’t it be great if we could encourage our children to eat more vegetables. Regretfully, this can be notoriously difficult. It is never the less, utterly essential for their future health. Combining vegetable growing with the keeping of fish brings

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