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The first stage in any new project involves the planning stage.  There are usually a whole variety of things to consider when designing a new pond. It is next to impossible to envisage everything but a thorough consideration of potential problems will save both time and money. Very few pond owners get everything right the first time. The secret is to get the basics right and allow the future evolution of improvements.

Amongst the obvious considerations that so often fail to be properly addressed include:

  • pond size
  • pond location
  • filtration design
  • fish stock control
  • safety of other garden users
round fish tank

Aquaponic fish tank design

An aquaponic fish tank is basically like any other pond or aquarium. The only real difference is that it is connected to an aquaponic plant growing system. Fish tank gardening involves a continuous loop that produces, and uses, the available

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Raised Ponds – their benefits and design

A raised pond is simply a pond that has been raised above ground level. They have become increasingly popular as gardens have become smaller and concerns over child safety have increased. Wildlife ponds are also a great, if less obvious

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