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Wildlife Ponds for your Garden

Having a well-designed pond in your garden does more than anything else to attract wildlife. Find out how to build and manage one for the benefit of nature and people.

Traditionally many writers recommend that fish should be excluded from a wildlife pond. It is claimed that they will eat all the invertebrates. This is a shame and is clearly untrue. Fish are as much of a natural ecosystem as any other creature and deserve a place in order to maximise biodiversity. They do eat some invertebrates but fish are so often  a vital part of many diets. Not only considered essential for iconic species such as otters, bitterns and ospreys but young fish fry and eggs are loved by many invertebrates such as dragonflies. Amphibians such as newt larvae also love to munch on newly hatched fish larvae.

Cute little garden froglets
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How to Build a Wildlife Pond

There is no better way of attracting wildlife into your garden than by building a wildlife pond. Just about every living creature is attracted to water. It is used for drinking, bathing and breeding as well as providing a home

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